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Voice | Piano | Musical Theatre

Tenor David Kronenberg holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of California, Santa Cruz. and a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from the Chicago College of Performing Arts.

As a performer he has taken on various challenging roles in both classical and contemporary repertoire. His performances have allowed him to explore new works and diverse characters, enriching his understanding of vocal expression and interpretation. Additionally, he actively participates in concert recitals, chamber series, and choral performances, deepening his knowledge of the art of singing and fostering a strong connection with audiences.


As a teacher, David has a holistic approach and many ideas on how to foster the next generation of artists. One of his greatest strengths lies in his commitment to continuous learning. He firmly believes in the value of being a lifelong student and staying current with developments in the field of voice and pedagogy. As someone who struggled to understand his own voice, he had to constantly explore different ways of approaching his voice until he could find easier singing methods. He always thinks of vocalists and teachers as detectives, trying to discern what micro muscles are inhibiting our true sound, and he is constantly learning to continue unlocking these mysteries.


He believes in cross-training artists, believing vocalists need to be able to sing all different types of styles and repertoire, anything from opera and musical theater, to pop and rock. He has honed his skills because of this to be able to teach all different styles.


Moreover, he advocates for empowering young artists and equipping them with essential business and marketing skills to better understand their careers. Encouraging them to build side hustles can lead to financial freedom and alleviate the pressure on their artistic expression, as the stigma of "you can only be a true singer if that is the only thing you do" must be dismantled.

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