The Wesley School of Music prides itself on bringing the joy and inspiration of music back into schools and our student’s lives. By delivering tailored lessons unique to each student’s goals; we succeed when you succeed. 

Who We Teach


Everyone! We'd love to get in on the ground level and provide you with an excellent musical foundation or to help you advance your musicianship as a professional. We teach everyone from children to adults.

Where We Teach


We teach through schools in Chicago and in your own home! 

Contact us to see if we are currently doing lessons in your school or area.

Why We Teach


Music is essential. Whether developing critical thinking and confidence for a child or helping someone achieve a life goal as an adult; we pride ourselves on bringing the joy of music to everyone we meet. 

Instructor News

All of our instructors are active musicians in the Chicago music scene and beyond. Check out the calendar below to see what our instructors are up to locally!

Due to COVID-19 all instructor events have been cancelled.

School News


We are permanently offering video lessons!

We have had great success in our video lessons, thank you to everyone who has participated so far! Because of the effectiveness of our videos lessons, we will be offering them as a permanent option in the future.


With social distancing measures being projected further into the future, now is the time to continue your lessons over Zoom, FaceTime or Skype!  


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Chicago Piano Tuners! With over 18 years in business they offer expertise in tuning, piano rentals, moving, repairs, and purchasing advice. 

Click the link below to visit their page and book your appointment online, or give them a call at 312-785-9393!